1. 05% blog (tumblr)
2. 05% delicious bookmarks
3. 20% net theory
4. 20% work of internet art
5. 20% work of internet art
6. 20% work of internet art
7. 10% final portfolio site

This semester you will set up and maintain a free micro blog using tumblr.
This blog is your initial online presence as a net artist and net researcher.
The power of a blog is the quickness and ease which you can post
content and information to the net. Blogs also make use of server side
software and content management systems. Your blog tells the world
what kind of artist you are.

delicious bookmarks-
This semester you will also set up and maintain a free bookmark space
using the site. You will be required to bookmark 20 sites or links a
week (the content is entirely personal preference) for a total of 100

net theory-
This semester we are going to read and discuss our text thoroughly. Our
discussions will be conducted in a seminar style. This means that you will
be expected to bring sophisticated discussion questions based on your
close readings of the text. At some point you will make a brief
presentation to the class that explains the formulation of your own
developing net theory. This theoretical work will result in a short piece of
creative online writing that you will turn in at the end of the semester. Your
blog and bookmarks will aid in this project, and ideally aid in the
formulation of your personal net theory.

A work of internet art- 3
You get to decide what this is, and can be. You will be provided with
guidance and precedence to formulate three works and a portfolio site.

portfolio site-
simultaneous to creating your study work, you will acquire a domain and a server space. you are expected to culminate this class with an archived portfolio site. this will contain all work created this semester, and may contain additional works as well. you are expected to maintain this site, and be responsible for it being live by aug. 4th (08/04/2011).

PROJECT #1 – critique the web in 18 tries

-10 jpegs

-5 gifs

-3 movs

utilize your current skill set to create digital works which deal with some aspect of the web. although the output is requested in specific format, the content is entirely up to you. you are free to draw inspiration from anywhere, but you must be offering up a critique of the web via this creative output. in addition, formulate an artist statement, and an ‘ideal’ presentation/arrangement of your work.

PROJECT #2 – the medium is the message

utilize your current skill set to create a work that lives on-line. keep in mind the ‘user’ when constructing your content, and how it is to be absorbed.

PROJECT #3 – open concept

reference your research from the semester to create a ‘final work’. this may take on a variety of forms, and should help affirm your developing theory of net/web art. as a part of this project you will revisit your definition of the medium you wrote on the first day of class, and re-write this definition.

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