Week 1
07.05 Introduction to course-syllabus-course policies
07.06 HistoryExample worksTools for creatingIntroduce project #1
06.07 Open studio/ps demo
Week 2
07.11 Progress critPurchase hosting / register domain

Demo ftp

Open studio

07.12 Discuss readingDemo htmlIntroduce project #2Open studio
07.13 Critique
07.14 Open studioDemo iwebDemo dreamweaver
Week 3
07.18 Progress critwebmaster
07.19 Discuss reading #2Demo dreamweaverIntroduce project #3
07.20 Critique (telepresence)
07.21 Open studioDecide on CMS or not
Week 4
07.25 Open studio
07.26 Progress crit/Net theory revisited
07.27 Open Studio
07.28 Critique
Week 5
08.01 Open studio (telepresence)
08.02 Open studio
08.03 Open studio
08.04 Final meeting_portfolio site launch party

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