Metropolitan State College of Denver
Art Department
Web Art 1
summer 2011     m-tr  8.15am-12.30pm  AR 277B


Course Description

This course focuses on the Internet and other forms of networked communication as a central component of contemporary artistic practice. Emphasis is placed on understanding the medium and finding intelligent and effective solutions to art making problems. Collaboration is
encouraged, and students are expected to share knowledge and expertise. Topics include: Appropriation and remix; Surfing and re-contextualization; Modularity and multiples; Databases and archives; Open source and copyright; and experimentation with the Internet as a medium.

Learning Objectives

1. Produce Internet Art for classroom critique and public display.
2. Demonstrate appropriate craftsmanship and technical proficiency
using a range of approaches and techniques in Internet Art.
3. Critically evaluate and discuss the theoretical, conceptual, and
technical aspects of Internet Art.
4. Experiment with a range of media and techniques for the realization of


Digital Folklore Reader
Edited by Olia Lialina and Dragan Espnischied


flash drive or portable hard drive

domain name and server space (hosting)


1. 10% blog (tumblr)

2. 10% delicious bookmarks
3. 20% net theory
4. 20% work of internet art (jpeg,gif,mov)
5. 20% work of internet art (html)

6. 20% work of internet art (cms)


This semester you will set up and maintain a free micro blog using tumblr. This blog is your initial online presence as a net artist and net researcher. The power of a blog is the quickness and ease which you can post content and information to the net. Blogs also make use of server side software and content management systems. Your blog tells the world what kind of artist you are.

delicious bookmarks-

This semester you will also set up and maintain a free bookmark space using the site. You will be required to bookmark 20 sites or links a week (the content is entirely personal preference) for a total of 100 bookmarks.

net theory-

This semester we are going to read and discuss our text thoroughly. Our discussions will be conducted in a seminar style. This means that you will be expected to bring sophisticated discussion questions based on your close readings of the text. At some point you will make a brief presentation to the class that explains the formulation of your own developing net theory. This theoretical work will result in a short piece of creative online writing that you will turn in at the end of the semester. Your blog and bookmarks will aid in this project, and ideally aid in the formulation of your personal net theory.

A work of internet art-

You get to decide what this is, and can be. You will be provided with guidance and precedence to formulate three works and a portfolio site.


Attendance is required. If you are not in class, you are considered absent. This class meets four times weekly; two absences will be tolerated before a final grade is affected. A third absence will lower your grade by one full letter (B to C, for example). Each absence beyond the third will lower the final grade by another full letter grade. You are reminded that lateness is both rude and distracting. Please make every effort to be punctual. Excessive tardiness will prejudice your final grade. Attendance is always required on Studio Days. It is expected that you will be properly prepared to work during class time.

 Studio time will be built into this class. This time is for you to work under supervision in the studio. This is the best time to ask me specific questions about your work, get feedback on your work in progress.  It is expected that you will have enough work to occupy the full class period. It is also expected that students put in adequate work time outside of class. It will be necessary to ensure a quality outcome to your work.


A major component of the course is the ongoing development of an ability to comment upon work made by oneself and one’s peers. It is beneficial to receive such comments as they can accelerate ideas and act as motivation for future work. Your participation in critique is important. It will be considered as a component of your project grade and your final grade. Attendance of all class critiques is MANDATORY. Failure to attend critique on your day to show your work will result in a failing grade for that project. Failure to attend when your fellow classmates are showing will result in a lowering of one letter grade of your project. Being late to critique is disruptive, rude and hindering to the overall atmosphere. Failure to attend final class critique days will result in a failing course grade. It is important for everyone to be present and to start on time in order to adequately critique everyone’s work. Your participation in critique is important. It will be considered as a component of your project grade and your final grade.

 Please Note

I do not accept assignments that contain any work from other courses or any older work. Opinions on such work may be sought in office hours. If your intent is to re-interpret an idea from another class you must disclose this fact before making the work to verify that it is acceptable.  Do not guess or assume my position regarding use of previously existing material. Lack of disclosure or other deceit will result in a failing grade for the assignment.


Please note: This course may be discussing, reading or viewing content of a sexual nature and content may express diverse political points of view.  Please feel free to leave class in the event that the material bothers you.

Computer Issues

Occasionally, problems do arise. Files can be accidentally erased, disks can be corrupted, networks can crash, and printers can break down.

Be prepared! Backup all files. Disks are cheap. Time is not.


Course Policies


•         When in class, work should be done for this class only.

•         It is expected that distracting items, unrelated to this course, do not interfere with the studio experience.





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